Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

A cost effective, high quality and professional outcome every time!

Exterior Painting

About the Service

Almost anyone can learn the art of painting, however, what makes one painting contractor better than the other is honesty, experience, dependability, punctuality, efficiency, cleanliness and safety. With these values as the foundation of ULTIMATE SERVICES CO, it will generate a cost effective, high quality and professional outcome every time! We believe in doing the project right the first time. No shortcuts! No cutting corners.

What's part of the service?

PRESSURE WASHING Pressure wash the house to remove dirt, mildew, and other contaminates utilizing a specialized eco-friendly outdoor bleach to ensure the protection of your outdoor plants and foliage.


  • Loose paint is removed, and exposed raw stucco, raw wood, and rust areas will be primed prior to finish coat being applied.
  • All window and joints will be caulked to prevent water from penetrating behind the paint, which would cause blistering.
  • Stucco cracks will be filled with an elastomeric patching compound.
  • Removal of mulch, rock and dirt to enable painting below the ground Level.


  • Apply a surface conditioner (primer or sealer) to seal any chalk left.
  • Apply one or two coasts of 100% acrylic paint. One coat is sufficient if the walls are in good condition and there is not a drastic color change.


  • Eaves
  • French doors
  • Garage doors and carports
  • Gates
  • Patios, pagodas, decks
  • Playhouses
  • Shutters
  • Storages
  • Stucco
  • Window bars
  • Wood siding

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I paint the outside of my house?

There's no easy way to answer this question as there are many contributing factors towards how long paint lasts. Darker color will fade. Poorly prepared surfaces will crack and peel. Older weathered wood won't hold paint like new wood. These as well as the quality of paint used on past jobs are all contributing factors.

The best answer is to paint before it's gets too bad. The majority of the time spent on exterior painting is in surface preparation, sanding, patching, etc. If you paint every 4-6 years, there will be less time spent on the prep work than if you paint every 10-15 years. Maintaining your paint job will not only keep your home always looking its best; it will also reduce the risk of dry- rot and other costly problems that come from neglect.

I'm getting a few estimates for having my house painted. Can you tell me why the prices vary so much for the same job?

This topic could cover several pages, but the simple answer is that not all painters do the same type of job. If you were to get your car painted you would find prices ranging from $99.00 to several thousands of dollars. House painting is quite similar. There are many different levels of quality and service available; however, it is very difficult to know exactly what you will be getting. Assuming that all of your estimates are from reputable licensed and insured contractors, the major difference in prices are often directly related to the amount of surface preparation your painter will perform before the paint is applied. Surface preparation, when done right, is very detailed and time-consuming work which can take as much as 75% of the time required for the entire job. Since much of the "prep" work gets covered up once the surface is painted, this is the area where many painters can and will cut corners. You only need to understand simple math to realize that when painters cut the amount of time spent on your job, they can offer you a lower price. If you are dealing with a painter which you know nothing about, make sure you get a detailed list (in writing) of what he is going to do for you rather than making your decision based on a price written on the back of a business card.

I have color coat stucco (color mixedinto the stucco) on my house and it's cracked and stained. Can I paint it?

Yes. The reason it's cracked and stained is because it's not painted. Color coat is simply raw stucco with a color pigment added. However, it is still raw stucco which is very porous surface a surface. will moisture aS opposed to Therefore, it which will cause sealed absorb it to deteriorate, crack and stain. The staining is usually mildew growing in the "pores" of the texture. Paint is not only color. Mostly it is a protective coating required to seal a surface from damage caused by the elements. Wood, metal, drywall, plaster and stucco will all last much longer when sealed and protected.

Do you remove wallpaper?

Yes. We will remove wallpaper, replaster the area, prime, texture and Paint.

I need my house painted, but I also have dry-rot damage. Can you fix it?

Yes. We can usually repair or replace any wood which has been damaged by termites or dry-rot.

My metal soffits and rain gutters came with a baked-on factory finish. Can they be painted to match my new color selection?

Yes. The quality paints that we use adhere very well to the finish used by the manufacturer of these products.

Before I paint my house, I need to have some doors replaced as well as some general repairs. Can you do this?

Yes. We handle those types of home improvements

Does the interior or exterior of my house need to be primed before it is painted?

No, not if your house has been painted before. On the exterior of your home, you need to use a sealer after all preparations; then the paint goes on over that. When painting the interior, you might want to put one coat of a gray primer below the final paint if you are painting over a very dark color.

How long will it take to paint my home?

70% of the work gets done in less than a week, depending on the size of the Home.

Is there any warranty on the paint job?

Yes, there are many types of warranties. The most common is 5-7. 10 year labor and materials

How often should I pressure wash my roof?

That depends on the color and type of tile you have on your roof. The average home gets cleaned every 2 years.

Does the pressure washing hurt my tiles?

No. The pressure used to clean tiles is not enough to do any damage.

Someone told me that I should chemically clean my roof; not pressure wash it. Is this true?

Pressure washing does not hurt your tile and neither do chemicals; however, with chemicals you take a greater risk of damaging your plants and grass.

Can a pool cage be cleaned?

Yes, it can.

Will you protect my plants when chemicals need to be used?

Yes. Our system will not harm your plants.

Can a shingle roof be pressure cleaned?

Yes, but the pressure needs to be adjusted to a low pressure. Can a tile roof be painted? Yes, any shade of color you would like.

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